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Here's a quick & easy way to create some movement & character in a garment: the inverted pleat.

Measure & mark evenly on your fabric. Make note of the fabric pen...I will plug it later. I LOVE THIS PEN! :)

Mark how far you want to stitch.


Four pleats complete!

Ok, the pen plug:


Gone!! I find it so amazing! When the clerk at the local quilt shop demonstrated this, I couldn't believe it. Remember those fabric pencils with the brushes on the end (are those still around?!)? We've come a long way!




我仍然有点震惊,我赢了项目运行和播放Sew Along at Home Signature Look Contest! I am so grateful to everyone who took the time to vote for me, and all the kind commendations I received from family, friends, and strangers alike! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

巧妙地,奖品是一系列刺绣模式Sarah Jane Studios.,用于Anja的上衣的织物的设计者。我期待将这些模式放在良好用途中。


哇!I am humbled that my Signature Look was selected as one of the top 5 for项目运行和播放! Please check out the all the designs and vote for your favourite.

Signature Look for Project Run & Play


Last week, I was under the impression that the Sew Along at Home contest for项目运行和播放结束了。这是苦乐参半,因为我真的是en enjoying sewing along at home, but at the same time, I knew that I really needed to get caught up on some things around the house. THEN, it was announced that there was one more competition, so off I went again, designing, planning, shopping, cutting, sewing, tweaking, fitting, etc. It was a bit hectic, but I was able to plan well and actually got done earlier than expected.



With the clothes I create, I try to incorporate that classic style of elegance and simplicity. Of course, for my children, this includes wearability and bit of fun, too. I add that with my colour choices and patterns. I do love my boy looking like a dapper, charming, little man. And my daughter, an elegant, polished little lady.

这些都是很诚实的,我爱的是我爱的第一对。他们看起来像是飞翔,但他们没有。它们有一个可调节的腰带,同时看起来很平坦,在前面'成长'。他们也适合手套!谢谢本教程那I learned how to make the front slant pockets.

When I posted Tobias in previous photos wearing his fedora hat that I had bought online, I got asked if I had made it. So, I figured it's time I learned how to make him one so I can make his entire outfit. Other than his shoes, of course...I will not learn to cobble shoes. Although, that might be interesting...

I know it's a little weird, but I'm probably more excited about the inside of the hat than the outside. My goal is to make the inside of my garments as tidy and polished as the outside, but it doesn't happen often enough.

I think I lucked out finding some unique looking elastic for the suspenders, rather than the typical black or white.


Our little girl just started walking last week, which was an exciting event! Now we can have a bit more variety in our photos.

谢谢你达娜做了它本教程for Anja's ruched leggings.


巧合,今年2012年的Pantone颜色那is tangerine. I had already bought this linen fabric for Anja's jacket when I found that out, and thought it was kind of neat that despite me never really keeping up on trends, this time, I managed to pick a 'hot' colour!




I've been doing so many sewing posts lately, that I figured it's time for another recipe. Here's one of my easy go-to dinner recipes.

1 cup Vital Gluten flour
1 tsp coriander





Ready to go into the oven:


Serve with naan bread and rice. I garnished with some cilantro, Masala dressing, and pappadum on the side.

a little Jane Austen

就是这个!我的最后提交给了项目运行和播放Sew Along at Home Contest. At first, I had no idea what to do for Special Occasion/Party Wear. Then I watched Pride & Prejudice, and I knew I just had to see my baby girl in a little Jane Austen inspired gown. And I also had only a few days to sew it because we left for our family vacation last Sunday. I actually didn't get everything done, and ended up finishing it by hand with my feet up by the pool. Now, I wouldn't mind doing that everyday!


I'm quite excited about how the corset back turned out. Originally, I was planning on using eyelets, but after testing them out, I couldn't get them to work because of how thin this fabric is. So, I used some leftover lace instead, and I think the delicate look is so much better than eyelets would've been.

I found these buttons in my stash that just seemed to be made to match the embroidered cotton fabric. The gathered bodice is such a signature of the Regency era, and really gives the dress a Jane Austen look.


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