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Flickr Group Features and a Winner

有些真正惊人的敲门声已经进入了Knock it Off Flickr groupand today it's my pleasure to feature a few of them.

House of Estrela做了这款可爱的连衣裙。确保点击帖子,你会看到它真的比原来更具变厚。

Love this mini Boden knock off byHandmade Martini...and she made TWO! What little boy wouldn't want one of these shirts?!

Handmade Frenzymade these super comfy & cute shorts. Love those stripes!

I immediately recognized the inspiration for thisAdore Handmadeknock off. It'sthisgorgeous gown made by Stefanie (girl.inspired.)

Compagnie M.made this beautiful coat and even a free size 2 or 5 pattern to go with it!

我是茶收藏衣服的大粉丝,鱼 one of their dresses perfectly!



Last but not least, one bit of business to attend to. We have a winner in Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses book giveaway...and the lucky lady is:

Thank you to everyone who entered.
9 comments on "Flickr Group Features and a Winner"
  1. Hi Heidi.
    Thanks for the feature of my dress, and thanks for the link to the original, which I forget to mention :/
    I love your site and seeing your amazing creations :)

  2. Thanks for the feature, Hedi! I love this series, and all the guests have been amazing!

  3. Those knock-offs are amazing and thank you for the giveaway. I'm super excited!

  4. Thank you so much for the feature!! I love this series, it's so fun to see all the things the guests have come up with!

    Heidi @

  5. I think the knock off series is one of my favorites...thanks for hosting it! I have been working on a few "knock-offs" of my own...I've been so inspired!

  6. Wow, some talent in the Flickr Group! Those train t-shirts - whaat...and she made that comment ;-)

  7. Hey Heidi! Thanks so much for featuring my romper dress. Your series are absolutely my favourite because I love knock-offs!!! Thanks for hosting it!!!

  8. LOVE these knock offs! Congrats Tiffany! I have a knock off outfit planned for my daughter, hoping to get it stitched up this week. What a fun idea!


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