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Village Green Sundress

Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's almost summer, and what better time to make some sundresses? Over atMelly Sews, Melissa has been hosting the 30 Days of Sundresses series and if you haven't been following along, make sure to check out the pretty dresses you've missed. By the end of the month, there'll be 30 free tutorials...more than enough to get you and your little girl(s) through the summer in style!

I knew immediately that I wanted to mix up thePleated Playsuit Patternonce again because of it's versatile design (hereandxinyabo体育 are the tutorials for altering it to make separates).

Having recently bought some new fabric, I was excited to use some of it for this dress. I've always been drawn to folksy designs, but never actually bought any because I tend to usually stay away from larger prints for smaller garments. This time, I decided it was time to get out of that frame of mind and buy thisVillage Green by Carolyn Gavin. Isn't it adorable? I just love the colour palette, especially that shade of green. Coincidently, I found some voile in my stash the same colour. Love it when that happens! Ready to make the Village Green Sundress? Let's go!

If you don't have thePleated Playsuit Pattern, yet, download ithere. I decided to change the design up a bit, and fully line the bodice, rather than use a facing. So, cut TWO BACK bodice pieces in both your fabric, and lining (you should have four pieces total). Measure 2"/5cm from the armhole to the bottom edge and cut straight across.

Sew your bodice according to steps 1 through 8 on pages 6 - 8 in thePleated Playsuit Pattern, keeping in mind that instead of the facing, you now have a complete bodice lining.

Then, cut out your skirt piece(s). Use the chart below to find the measurement in your corresponding size. I cut one skirt piece on the fold, however, you may not be able to depending on the width of your fabric and your size. If you are using 44"/115cm wide fabric, you may need to cut 2, and sew two side seams.

Now, it's time to sew the skirt and attach it to the bodice. If you have two skirt pieces, sew two side seams instead of one centre back seam, and match those seams to the bodice when you stitch them together.

Hem the bottom, and you're done!

To complete the outfit, I made an adorable sunhat to match. I highly recommend the Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat pattern I used, since it sewed together quite easily and it's FREE! Anja's inside crown measurement is 20"/51cm, so I made her a size medium and it fits perfectly with a little room to grow. You can download the pattern here.

Click on any name to go directly to the blog of the other participants and keep on following the series.

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13 comments on "Village Green Sundress"
  1. That fabric makes me smile, it's so colorful and fun! The sundress is adorable on her and I love the green too, thanks for sharing this pattern & tutorial.

  2. 背心裙是真的sweet. Thanks for the tutorial ..... another project on the to do list!!

  3. I am so totally making this...I just ordered a bunch of fabric so as soon as it gets here this will be the first thing I make :)

  4. Love this so much Heidi! You are such a pro and your daughter is such a doll!

  5. Love it thanks for sharing!!!!! Linda S.

  6. That is just so cute and happy! I love it-thank you for sharing it!

  7. Love the colors - so cute and not typically "girly". Thanks for participating!

  8. This is so cute! Love the fabrics, and the sunhat is the perfect addition. =)

  9. Oh goodness! The cuteness is just too much. I love the dress!

  10. I LOVE that you didn't totally match the hat to the dress, but went with that pinky red instead. Super cute!

  11. The dress is so cute and I love the hat. Did you use regular quilting cotton or something else for the hat? I feel like it should be something a bit more sturdy, based on my daughter's other (store bought) hats. Thanks!

    1. 谢谢你!很高兴你喜欢!Kona棉花,我think (it was a scrap leftover in my stash). Combined with the quilting cotton, plus medium weight interfacing in the brim, and the sturdiness is perfect.


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