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Sewing For Your Girls - Book Review


Sewing for Your Girls是最近发布的新日本缝纫书TOTTLE出版物and it's a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to add to my daughter's wardrobe using one of author Yoshiko Tsukiori's adorable designs.

As described by the publisher:

"Yoshiko Tsukiori Japa发表的nese sewing books provide elegant casual designs for women and children and have made her one of the most popular names in the Japanese sew–it–yourself craze. InSewing for Your GirlsTsukiori再次完成了它,为衣服创造了八个可爱和无休止的多功能新的模式,这将使每个母亲的预算更加美好,并适合每个小女孩的个人风格和身体类型。

Tsukiori provides easy–to–follow instructions (in English) and shares the basic techniques for creating all the classic elements of little girls' clothes."

Tsukiori通过许多不同的技术散步读者,以创建多功能,经典服装。亚搏体育官网我很欣赏这本书如何清楚地解释了一个基本的模式,改变它来创造完全不同的东西!模式的混合和匹配是一个非常有价值的资源,因为它可以在探索自己的模式改变方面探索自己的创造力来实现读者。而设计是如此时尚和可爱!很难缩小我的第一个选择,所以Anja和我一起看着这本书,她最后的说法是她的第一个Sewing for Your Girlsoutfit. I was delighted that she chose the overalls, since I can't remember ever making her a pair and it's always nice to add something different to her wardrobe.

The overalls are made using Applied Pattern #4, which is altered from the Basic Shorts. I made a size 100cm (which is the equivalent to about 4 years) and as you can see, they fit well, although probably not for long! In hindsight, I could've gone up a size up so they would last longer, but it's also nice to see that after following the sizing chart, I ended up with a fit that is spot on.

Some of the details I especially love are the front pockets (sewn in a very clever way I've never done before. I just love learning new techniques!), the little tab on the strap to keep it from sliding (more cleverness!), and the clean finish on the inside. Gotta love that feeling when you can turn it inside out and it still looks pretty.

There's a fair bit of flipping back and forth through the book to find the different steps, but as long as you follow the indicated page numbers, you shouldn't have any trouble navigating though the instructions.


There are so many more designs in this book I plan to make. In fact, I've already sewn a second one that I plan to blog about soon. Here's a pic of it I posted on myInstagram几天后。

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to sew for little girls, regardless of their level of experience. I think beginners will appreciate how the author takes care to explain very basic sewing skills, while those who are more experienced will enjoy many different and clever insights on garment construction.

有关的更多信息Sewing for Your Girlshead over toTOTTLE出版物.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided in exchange for this review.

7 comments on "Sewing For Your Girls - Book Review"
  1. I was tempted to sew those cute overalls too, I knew my little one would refuse them. She's on a no pants allowed diet apparently. Love the cute plaid!

  2. 很可爱,海蒂。可爱的面料!(想念“A”真的很长大!:))

  3. I love it! I'm addicted to overalls! She looks too cute!

  4. Love it! Those overalls are also on my to do list! I love that book!


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