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Pocket Capris Tutorial

Saturday, June 30, 2012

This week's project is a pair of little capris for Anja. I wanted to do something interesting with the pockets, so I put them on the bottom. While they are functional pockets, I know she won't be using them, but if she were to, I'd probably make these shorts rather than capris, to avoid bulk. However, this little girl's been scraping her knees way too much lately, so I wanted her to have something with some coverage on her legs.

Besides your fabric, you will need:
44cm (17") of 6mm (1/4") elastic
2.5cm (1") elastic for the waist (length depends on the size you are making)
one button

Measure around leg to determine how wide/long you want the leg opening pieces to be.
Cut two pieces.

1. Fold and iron leg opening pieces in half.
2. Make an inverted pleat along the inside seam of leg.
3. Pin leg opening piece to leg.
4. Stitch.

1. Measure and cut back pocket. I adjusted mine to be 13 cm X 10 cm (3 1/2"X4").
2. Cut the upper pocket piece - 10cmX6cm (4"X2 1/2")
3. Stitch along pocket edge

1. Fold upper pocket piece and stitch along the sides
2. Gently pull bobbin thread of lower pocket piece, turn edges, and iron

* *英航ste upper edge of pocket piece**

To view the shorter version of these, clickhere.

Happy Sewing!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Here's what I've been working on lately...a couple of little tunics for my little girl.
I definitely plan to layer it with long sleeves underneath it in the fall.

(dimensions made to fit size 2 years)

Here's atutorialfor making your own bias tape.

Project Run & Play Guest Post

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Today I'm over atProject Run & Play, with a tutorial for the Sporty Skirt. Being involved in Project Run & Play's Sew Along at Home group really got me more serious about the construction of the clothes I make and adventurous in terms of trying new techniques.
I can't thank the ladies ofSimple Simon & Coenough for organizing it.

So, pop overthereif you want to see how to make this:

The tutorial for the top ishere.

If you're visiting from PR & P, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Take a look at this week'sgiveaway, while you're here,
for five chances to win some adorable sets of patterns.

Three Button Top Tutorial

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Here's a tutorial for a cute little top to wear as the weather heats up this summer.
I've already made two for Anja, and I'm pretty sure I'll make a few more variations.

*I used a store bought t-shirt as my fabric.
It's great to be able to use the existing hemline for a professional looking finish.*

*I didn't include my sizes, since it's based on the tank top I used as a guide
and measuring my daughter,
but leave a comment, and ask...I'd be happy to let you know my measurements.*

*found an outgrown, stained shirt to up-cycle for the front part*

All done!

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