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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last week, I shared a我的教程Caramel Baby & Child灵感上衣.Today, I'd like to share how I completed the outfit with my version of theLuppitt裤. 和顶部一样,我用了Pleated Playsuit Pattern. 如果你还没有,可以免费下载here.

裤子背面、口袋和口袋里料Pleated Playsuit Pattern从上边缘移除1英寸/2.5cm。底部边缘的长度增加2英寸/5cm。





Wednesday, June 12, 2013
今天我在CailaMadesharing why I think the直纹泡泡连衣裙is one of the best patterns of the summer (and one of my faves of all-time!).

Introducing a Guest: Compagnie M

你听说过吗Compagnie M?This Belgian mom to two adorable daughters, is new to the blogging world, but her original designs are quickly becoming recognizable as her patterns take the online sewing world by storm. And did I mention she has generously offered FIVE free patterns on her blog?! I'm so impressed by the quality of her work and her unique designs. If you don't already followCompagnie M,我强烈建议你这样做,因为你不会想错过任何马蒂正在创造的东西!今天我很荣幸向您介绍玛特,作为我的客人。


I’m so trilled to get the opportunity to show you my work today at E&E’s blog! So first of all I would like to thank Heidi. I’m sooo happy to get this chance to present this ‘little Belgian fish in the big sea’! I guess you never heard aboutCompagnie M.before right!? That’s probably because I only started my little blog about 3 months ago….
But I would like to take you further back in time to present my silly little stuff and myself. Like a lot of seamstresses, when I got pregnant (about 3 years ago) I felt the need to be creating something for my baby twins. So one evening, I was telling Bjorn: I really need a sewing machine! And tadaaa: he came back to me with an antique Singer (hand driven) and a big smile on his face. Bjorn collects everything that smells like old stuff and one day he got this lovely Singer sewing machine from his parents as a present. What a nice gift!


作为一名受过教育的产品开发人员,当我注意到我所使用的模式并不总是像我所希望的那样时,我变得很沮丧…所以我自己开始画模式!访问来自Straight Grain是最好的事情曾经发生在我身上吗.She convinced me to start blogging (in English) and another addiction is a fact now. A whole new world is opening to me: blogs, series, Pinterest, drawing my own patterns,... I just love it! I hope you can see my enthusiasm onmy blog?

我有5种亚搏体育赞助欧洲杯自由图案available on my blog at the moment. Do you like one? Just visitmy blog! I’ll be happy to share them with you.

And of course I would like to thank Heidi to make this perfect Bubble Shorts pattern. Lisa is sooo happy to carry around her little bunny all the time! The pattern is to cute to be true. Last week we were working both on our own playsuit pattern: what a coincidence! We’ll be swapping our patterns for a future post so be sure to check both blogs sometime later this month to see the result. And I’m so excited to know what pattern Heidi is working on at this moment… I’ll surely keep following her blog!

Thank you so much for sharing here today, Marte! It is easy to see you have a real passion for sewing, pattern-making and of course, your wonderful family!



Recently, I came across a couple of outfits while browsingCaramel Baby & Childthat I just love. I knew that at some point, I wanted to use those outfits as inspiration for something to sew for Anja. Rather than pick one of the two, I let theE&E Facebook friends投票决定我应该缝哪一个作为我对“打倒”系列的贡献。好吧,因为太近了,所以在某个时候,我计划做两个!

I've completed the first outfit, and today, I will show how I made the top. The trousers will be a separate post coming soon.

如果你还没有下载免费的Pleated Playsuit Pattern,现在就去吧!本教程需要它。



To make my version of the Fowey Top, you will need:
  • 大约1/2码或1米的轻质棉
  • Four grosgrain ribbon shoulder ties (17"/43cm each) (or make your own from fabric)
  • 协调线程
  • 来自Pleated Playsuit

Watch for the tutorial for the trousers next week.



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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

我被里面出现的东西惊呆了Knock it Off Flickr Group, too! Just loveliness all around!! Thank you for sewing along. Here are just some of the gorgeous garments made by you:


下一个帖子是我的Caramel Baby & Child灵感十足的服装。它很好地结合在一起…为了偷窥,跟着E&E on Instagram.