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根缝纫系列 - Mjiamae配件捆绑赠品

Thursday, January 16, 2014
It's been a fun start to the Roots Sewing Series, with so much more to come! Today, our journey around the world takes us to South Africa and theMjiamae设计工作室。Mjiamae,M&T Atelier是一家基于南非东开普河海岸的设计工作室,于2013年10月由女儿和母亲队开始。

MjiaMaehas developed into a beautiful fashion line, with a focus on an exclusive limited line producing original, small collections only. While the label focuses on little and young girls they have plans to expand to a ladies collection, called Lady Mae.MjiaMaeis known for the use of soft, cool cotton voiles for summer, and clean lines with a simplistic, classic design. They use only the best finishings, for example, a French made method of using binding on certain seams. Touches of European inspiration with a signature touch of black are often used as detail with colourful trim components. They even place their printed label at the hemline of the garment to prevent scratchiness at the neckline. No detail goes unnoticed with this design team!

MjiaMae真的是风暴的世界!他们的一件连衣裙(Lilly Ruffle Tutu连衣裙)正在2014年2月出发想法杂志and their limited collections quickly sell out. Soon, they will begin taking online orders, so I can only imagine the huge success that will follow.

It's with great excitement to announce thatMjiamae设计工作室慷慨地提供一台读者独家配件礼品捆绑包。祝大家好运,谢谢你,Mjiamae设计工作室!

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根缝纫系列 - 免费围裙图案

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The free围裙pattern includes:
  • 12 page PDF document (1.6MB) with full colour photographs and instructions
  • numbered, step-by-step instructions
  • prints on both standard 8.5X11" and A4 paper
  • includes both imperial and metric measurements
  • 全尺寸模式页面
  • 包括接缝津贴
  • 没有必要的撒利者
  • sizes 6 months to 9 years
  • 面料建议和要求和概念




根缝纫系列 - Do Guincho

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
I have admired the talents of Marta fromDo Guinchoever since I laid eyes on her beautifully photographed outfits on her pretty, little girls. Her skills are impeccable, as is her attention to detail. Here is just a peek at what she's made for the series. I'm sure you will want to通过点击看到更多的东西。谢谢Marta今天与我们分享,并邀请我们看到由您美丽的国家,葡萄牙的启发的东西!


Roots Sewing Series - Elegance & Elephants

Monday, January 13, 2014

First of all, let's talk about my inspiration. My heritage is a very unique mixture of two very different cultures: Czech and Trinidadian. My parents both immigrated to Canada when they were in their twenties, met, married, and here I am! At first, I was really uncertain about how to combine these two cultures. Originally I thought I would make two separate outfits, but then, I like a challenge! In the end, it actually wasn't that big a challenge at all. I knew I had to create something that was inspired by the Czech national folk costume. I've always loved the look of them…so beautiful with so many gorgeous details! As a little girl, I used to play with these little Czech dolls dressed in these stunning dresses, and I always wanted one. So, I knew I would create a similar, yet simplified, look for my girl. And as I browsed through examples, I noticed that many of them had the colour palette of red, black, and white. Well, that was just perfect, since those are the colours of the Trinidadian flag. What a simple way of combining my two cultures!

捷克传统服装(叫Kroje.) are very distinctive to each region, and now, are only worn during certain celebrations or festivals. They are known for vivid colours, intricate embroidery, and elaborate accessories (scarves, ribbons, headdresses, hats, and belts). One interesting fact I learned, was that in thePlzenregion, the women wore 24 underskirts!

Here are some photos I was inspired by:

And here is the flag that became my colour palette.


What I came up with is a versatile, three piece outfit. Probably my favourite part is the collar of the white underdress. It's kind of a delicate, flounced, overlapped peter pan collar, that through quite a bit of trial and error, came out just the way I wanted it (don't you just love it when that happens!). I self-drafted the white dress and added lace to the bottom. The pinafore is adapted from the pattern in theFive and Ten Designs Volume 1 eBook。我降低了前胸衣片,向裙子添加了一些宽度以获得更多的音量。小围裙也是一种自我起草的模式,一个星期三我将在五种尺寸(并且它是免费的!)

Tomorrow, we head to Portugal when we are joined by Marta fromDo Guincho。I've seen a sneak peek, so I know you won't want to miss it!

Every submission is entered into a draw to win some AMAZING prize packages!


Roots Sewing Series Prizes, Sponsors, and Sew Along Link Up

Friday, January 3, 2014


So, let's start with the guests. If you saw myoriginal post, you may noticed that there has been a change. Unfortunately, one guest had to cancel, but that slot was quickly filled by another talented sewist: Annika fromNäh连接。So here they are, the group of ladies from all corners of the world who will share outfits inspired by their cultural backgrounds. It's going to be amazing! Oh, and of course, I will have to get in on this, so watch for my outfits which will combine my two very different backgrounds. Should be interesting…Slavic and Caribbean, all in one outfit! The guests will begin posting on January 14 and I know it's going to be an incredibly rich cultural experience of stunning sewing.



If you are sewing along, make sure to add this button to your blog to let everyone know you are participating.



To add to all this fun and excitement, a group of top-notch online stores, boutiques, and designers are sponsoring this series and providing you with the opportunity to win exclusive prizes. Everyone who participates has a chance to win.

There will be three different prize packages awarded to Sew-Along participants, as well as a Giveaway open to anyone.

大奖将被授予一群法官选出的参与者。每个法官将从所有缝制的提交中选择他们最喜欢的装备。最多投票的装备将赢得大奖。随意使用模式来制造您的服装,因为这不是设计竞争。让我们知道您使用过哪种模式。如果您更改了任何模式以创建装备,但虽然没有必要,但教程将是美妙的。学习新技术和宽阔的缝纫技能的方式总是很好。亚搏体育官网 谁是法官???可爱的客人参加了这个系列和你的真实(我!)。我们迫不及待地想看看你的制作!

The criteria will be:

Craftsmanship: How well was the outfit sewn? Since the construction of your outfit can only be seen on the screen, make sure to include photographs that showcase your outfit well.

Theme: How well does the submission fit with the theme? Give a description of how the outfit incorporates your cultural background. We look forward to learning about your heritage!

Wearability: How functional is the outfit? Since this is also about sewing for children, make something that is comfortable and wearable for a child.

GRAND PRIZE - Judges' Choice
100美元的礼品卡Gold Star Tools
75美元礼品卡L'Oiseau Fabrics
$30礼品卡 Ribbon Retreat
Very Shannon- 3 pdf patterns(winner's choice)
Craftiness Is Not Optional- 3 PDF模式(winner's choice)
Blank Slate- 2 PDF模式(winner's choice)
去模式- 2 PDF模式(winner's choice)
像我的妈妈一样缝制- 2 PDF模式(winner's choice)


75美元的礼品卡Gold Star Tools
丝带束派对L'Oiseau Fabrics(价值23美元)

Very Shannon- 3 pdf patterns (winner's choice)
Blank Slate- 2 PDF模式(winner's choice)
像我的妈妈一样缝制 - 1 PDF模式(获奖者的选择)
Beatnik Kids.- 债券顶部PDF模式
桃子和花生模式- Jack & Jill Color Block Shirt PDF Pattern
Sewing Mama RaeAnna- Cupcake Top PDF Pattern

E & E Patterns- 2 PDF模式from the soon-to-be-released Spring 14 Collection
(winner's choice)


On January 16, there will be a Roots Sewing Series Giveaway open to anyone who would like to enter.

It's a pleasure to introduce you to our wonderful sponsors. These shops and designers provide top quality products in the sewing world and it's an honour to have them be a part of the series. Please take some time to visit their shops and enjoy their products and exemplary customer service.



美国的时尚和缝纫用品的1个独立网络零售商,GoldStarTool will provide you with the highest-quality, lowest-cost sewing supplies and equipment to meet your needs. Free US shipping.

High quality, imported European fabric, trim, and patterns. A store inspired by the love of all things crafted.

Quality ribbon. Quality prices. Quality Service.



MjiaMae is a proudly South African design studio. The daughter and mother design team are both fashion designers and share a love for beautiful fashion & decor items.






Link to your blog or if you don't have one, use aFlickr帐户与您的装备照片。

Refashion Month at House of Estrela

Thursday, January 2, 2014
This is Refashion Month at埃斯特雷拉屋,今天我很高兴地客串for this awesome series with a round up of my upcycled outfits. There are always a ton of ideas from all the guests, so head over there to and don't miss out on the fun!